Why You Should Think Quality, Not Quantity, for Max Productivity


We always think that the more we get done, the better. But that’s not always true. When we measure our productivity, we often judge ourselves by how much we’ve accomplished. But is that really the best way to measure ourselves? As the saying goes, think quality, not quantity. While we may be getting a lot done, we might not necessarily be productive. Here’s why:

You Can’t Do Everything Well

While multi-tasking works on smaller, daily tasks, it’s not the ideal situation for larger projects. You’re only one person and no matter how good you are at what you do, it’s difficult to work or many different things at one time. While you might be able to complete them all, you probably won’t be doing everything to the best of your ability. Your work quality may suffer as a result. Doing one thing at a time will let you put your all into your project and produce quality work that you can be proud of.

You’re Getting The Wrong Things Done First

When you try to get as much done was possible, you often gravitate towards the easier tasks first because you get instant gratification. But when you do that, the bigger and maybe more important projects get pushed aside. You might not even realize it but you’re getting all the wrong things done first. Before you start trying to tackle whatever you can and as much as you can, make sure you set your priorities straight. Focus on what really matters first. Otherwise, even though you might have finished a bunch of tasks, you’re not really getting anywhere.

You Lose Focus

It’s hard to divide your attention, no matter how hard you try. Inevitably, you’re going to lose focus. Trying to do multiple things at once can be an effective productivity strategy in some cases but in many cases, it just a recipe for failure. You start to feel very overwhelmed and burnt out, which causes you to shut down and not want to do anything at all. At the end of the day, you haven’t made much progress.

Think Quality, Not Quantity

So does that mean you should focus on doing less? Yes and no. You always strive to be as efficient and productive as possible. At times, that may mean plowing through your to-do list and checking off as much as you can. However, in other cases, it’s more beneficial to just take your time with what you doing so that you can produce the best results. Think quality, not quantity.

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