Why a “Done List” is the New “To Do” List


When productivity is the topic of conversation, one of the number one things that come up is a to-do list. It’s a vital part of maximizing productivity and staying on track as well.

To-do lists will always be a great tool. But it might be a smart idea to move your to-do list over in favor of your “done” list.

A done list is essentially the opposite of a to-do list. It’s a running list of everything you’ve done or accomplished. It does seem a little counterintuitive. Why would a “done” list be of any help? After all, it doesn’t tell you what you need to do or when you need to do it.

There are many reasons why having a done list can actually help your productivity, here are just a few:

You can see what you’ve accomplished.

Whenever we finish something, we’re eager to cross it off our to-list and forget about it. But what we finish is just as important as what we still have to do. It’s a good reminder of our goals in totality and the progress we’ve made to get there. Compare your to-list and your done list. You’d probably be surprised how substantial your done list actually. Even when it feels like you haven’t done enough, you’ve actually accomplished a lot.

Use it as motivation.

On that same note, a to-list list and a done list carry two very different objectives. A to-do list is that constant reminder that you need. Sometimes, it’s a little annoying and we hate it because it’s a constant reminder of everything that is left to be done. A done list, on the other hand, is that round of applause that you need when you’re down. It’s a little push in the right direction. Use it as motivation – whenever you feel like you have too much to do, take a look at your done list. Sure, there’s a lot to be done but there’s also a lot that you did. So take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back.

Learn from it.

Aside from motivational purposes, you can also learn a lot from a done list. It’s a snapshot of everything you’ve completed, which allows you to analyze if you’re doing the right things and if so, if you’re doing enough of it. Look out for patterns and ways you can maximize your efficiency.

When to-do lists and done lists are used in tandem, it’s an ideal recipe for productivity.

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