What’s Your Morning Ritual?

Fast Company recently posted this poignant article on the importance of a stress-free morning ritual to jump-start an anxiety-free and productive day.

I was especially drawn to this article because this is the week we officially announced that we are moving from Illinois to Charleston, SC — and during which I began doing morning workouts on Folly Beach.

More than just the feeling of accomplishment I get from knocking out my morning workout, early mornings on the beach are simply surreal.  Watching the sun peek through the clouds at the edge of a seemingly endless desert of salt-water makes me feel small and, thus, makes any problems I may be about to face during the workday seem small, as well.

Walking at the edge of America makes me feel like my clients and my workload are in a far-off distance, allowing me to focus on my family and what’s really important.

This is so much different than how I used to spend my mornings:  Turning on my mobile phone to check my email before I even got out of bed, and beginning an process of emailing/returning emails that doesn’t end until late that night.

No more.

Several months ago, I took care of the email overload problem by batching my emails (the subject of a separate, upcoming post).  This week, I began the morning ritual that, according to the aforementioned Fast Company article, is so vital to starting our day:

Just as an athlete warms up before a game, you can greatly benefit from warming up your mind with a morning ritual that will help you perform at your highest level during your workday.

Right now, take a second to think about one activity you could do in the morning that would do the most to help you feel more energetic and focused. Is it meditation? Yoga? Running? Reading? Prayer? Something else?

Whether it’s walking on the beach, or simply sitting on your back deck with a cup of coffee — try your best not to roll out of bed into a a pile of stress and work.

Don’t let your clients, your job, or your workload dominate this time in the morning.  Get up a little earlier, figure out your morning ritual and “own” this time in your day.

The result will be less stress — and more productivity.  Isn’t that worth it?

You can view the video that accompanied the Fast Company article here:

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