The Power of “No”

The Power of No


It’s not a very pretty word, or one that we really like to say. To some, it has a very negative connotation. It means we won’t. We don’t. We shouldn’t. We can’t. But it’s also a very powerful word, and when used properly, ‘no’ can make a world of a difference in a very positive way.

You probably much prefer saying yes. As people, we always want to please others or take on as much as we can. Our days become filled with chores and tasks that might not necessarily add much value. And that is precisely why we should learn to be better at saying ‘no’. With one simple word, our productively can change dramatically.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons:

Saying ‘nodoesnt make you look bad

Saying no to projects or opportunities can be really difficult sometimes. For one, you never know what that opportunity can lead to, and saying ‘yes’ in the past has helped you get to where you are now. There is a temptation too, however, to say ‘yes’ simply because you don’t want to make yourself look bad. You may fear that you are coming off as incapable, but that’s just your perspective. Everyone else is not necessarily thinking the same way. Paramount to this is prioritizing and loading your plate with the right projects.

Be really good at one or two things

In my experience, my company has suffered when we’ve tried to do too many different things. We know what we’re good at — and when we stick to those specialties, we win. Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none — focus on what you do best. Your effort and dedication will really show in the quality of your work.

Its all in your delivery

It’s very difficult to say no to somebody – especially face to face. You don’t want to let people down or even worse, insult them. But in most cases, it is more about how you say no. It’s all in your delivery. Just be honest and explain that since your time is limited and your plate is full, you’re unable to take on more. It’s as simple as that! Most people will be more than understanding because they feel the exact same way.

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