The First Step To Taking Control of Your Inbox … and Your Workday


Longtime readers of this blog know that I’m a big proponent of controlling your email inbox — instead of letting it control you.

Not only do I support limiting the times during the day at which you check your email, I also am a big proponent of getting your inbox as close to zero as possible.

Step one is getting control of all your email subscriptions. You probably subscribe to a lot more such subscriptions than you realize.

Earlier today, a Facebook friend of mine shared a service called It billed itself as a way to unsubscribe yourself from all your junk email lists at once.

So I tried it, and … wow.

The app searched my inbox and found 276 email subscriptions!  Now, before you throw something at me — I must confess that I had already set up Gmail rules for many of these subscriptions (to automatically delete them or put them in pre-set folders).

Nonetheless, it’s still a lot of clutter coming into my inbox on a daily basis. allowed me to quickly go through all the subscriptions and either unsubscribe, or add it to a daily “Rollup” that the service sends me either every morning, afternoon, or evening (I choose).

I highly recommend as a first step toward controlling your inbox — and controlling your work day.


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