SignNow: My Most Valuable Mobile App Right Now

SignNow app

Back in March, my wife and I were on vacation and driving in the car.  We thought we had finished all of our paperwork to file our company’s taxes — but, lo and behold, our accountant emailed us with a few more forms to sign.

But there was a problem — we were in the car, not near a printer, heading toward a restaurant to eat dinner.

Not to worry — I searched iTunes and found SignNow, an app which allows you to download .pdfs and sign them right from your mobile phone.

It sounds pretty simple, but during the past five months, I’ve come to rely heavily on this app for work.

I have a pretty heavy travel schedule, and I often am required to sign insertion orders and contracts. I used to duck into hotel business centers or search for the nearest FedEx office to print, sign and fax documents. Not anymore, thanks to SignNow.

The app is now on my iPad, my Nexus 7, my iPhone and my Samsung Galaxy s4 (yes, I’m a tech geek with way too many mobile devices.)

The beauty of SignNow is it’s simplicity:

  • Click on the .pdf attachment in an email, and you will be given the option to open the document in SignNow.
  • Tap on the area you’d like to sign, write text or add a date. SignNow, will give you three options: Text, Signature, Date.
  • If you tap on “Text”, it will open a little box with the keyboard to type in whatever text you’d like to add (like a credit card number, your printed name, etc.)
  • If you tap on “Signature”, it allows you to draw your signature with your finger, and it saves it in the app. That way, if you have multiple places to sign on a document, you can just use the same signature over and over again.
  • If you tap “date”, it automatically fills in today’s date on the document.

You can, of course, save the signed document and share (via email and other options) it.

SignNow has been a real timesaver for me, and I highly recommend it.  Interestingly, SignNow actually provides a whitepaper showing the ROI of the app to your business.

Do you use any similar apps? Any others you’d recommend? Please let us know in the comments!

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