Our Top Posts of 2013


Happy New Year!  As we ring in 2014, we thought we’d share our most-read posts of 2013…

5) Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

Are you happy with “good enough”? Think you might break through a plateau of professional growth by getting outside of your comfort zone and trying something new? Perhaps a new productivity routine?  A new method of checking your email, scheduling your meetings, or dealing with your co-workers?

4) Why Entrepreneurs Should Get Office Space and Quit Working from Home

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two types of entrepreneurs: Those who shouldn’t work from home  … and those who shouldn’t work from home.

This epiphany has only dawned on me recently — after seven years of working from my home office and working with business partners and colleagues who do the same.

I’ve known people who simply couldn’t concentrate or focus or discipline themselves to do the work when they were at their house.  And, until recently, I thought those were the only types of people who shouldn’t work from home.

3) You Have No Excuse for Being Trapped in a Job You Hate … Or Not Chasing a Life You Want

You have no excuse.

No excuse for being trapped in a job you hate.  No excuse for living in a town you hate. No excuse for being stuck in a lifestyle that leave you anxious, stressed and unhappy.

Of course, you may think you’re trapped. But the reality is that being “trapped” is only a short-term condition.

2) What’s Your Morning Ritual?

Whether it’s walking on the beach, or simply sitting on your back deck with a cup of coffee — try your best not to roll out of bed into a a pile of stress and work.

Don’t let your clients, your job, or your workload dominate this time in the morning.  Get up a little earlier, figure out your morning ritual and “own” this time in your day.

The result will be less stress — and more productivity.  Isn’t that worth it?

1) The Most Powerful Productivity App You’ll Ever Need (and It’s Free)

It’s not available on iTunes, or Google Play.

You can’t buy it at Best Buy, but I’m pretty sure there’s books about it at Barnes & Noble.

I’m talking about your attitude — the most powerful productivity app you’ll ever need.

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