Key to Success: Letting Go of Fear


Whether in business or in life, success doesn’t come easy. But when you achieve it, you get to enjoy not only the rewards of your achievement but the joy of accomplishment. However, if you find that you never seem to quite achieve the level of success you desire, you may be holding on to one thing: fear.

Fear is a very tricky and complex feeling to have. On one hand, fear can propel you to work harder, do better, and strive for more. But more often than not, fear can be crippling. Whatever your dreams are, fear can hold you back from them. Fear is also not rational – it can cause you to justify even the most irrational of situations.

So why do we hold on to fear? Why don’t we we just let it go and take risks? The answer is pretty simple: we use fear as an excuse. It causes us to think about the worse outcomes and how much we’ll falter if we fail. It makes us think that the reward isn’t worth the sacrifice.

However, to achieve anything in life, we can’t think that way. Success doesn’t just happen and most of the time, you need to take a risk. If you’re ready to let go of fear and achieve success, you need to:

1) Look at the glass half full

Attitude is a contributing factor to fear. If you have a pessimistic outlook, the fear you feel will be multiplied. Instead of seeing the worse in everything, look at the glass half full. You have much more potential than you give yourself credit for. If you work towards it, nothing is out of reach.

2) Have a plan

Many people are fearful of taking drastic steps, especially in their careers, because they put all their eggs in one basket. If Plan A fails, they don’t have a Plan B. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Have a back up plan, no matter how basic it is. Even the most successful of people know that nothing is a sure thing.

3) Accept failure

And finally, the most crucial part of letting go of fear: accepting failure. Accept that you may not succeed at everything. Accept that failure is a part of life. And accept that failure may actually be good for you. Failure is a learning experience and if nothing else, you know what not to do again.

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