It’s ‘Mo Time: Why I’m Growing a Mustache in November

photo (1)

The picture to the right is of me — five days into Movember, a global effort to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues.

Movember was started several years ago in Australia as a fundraising effort among 30 people. Now, it involves more than one million people worldwide.  (See the video at the end of this post for the full history).

Why am I participating in Movember?  Simple: Prostate cancer was one of the diseases that hit my father in his final years, and one of the causes of his eventual passing in December 2012.

He had beat the prostate cancer, but then got bladder cancer.  The combination of the radiation from both cancer fights fried his kidneys, and kidney failure is what ended up taking his life.

Prostate cancer also has impacted other close members of my family.

As you can imagine, I hate cancer.

But I also love mustaches.

As such, Movember was a perfect fit for me.

I’ll continue to post pictures as my ‘stache fills out.

I’d love if it you could help the cause by clicking here to make a contribution to the effort.

Thanks so much — and I hope you enjoy the mustache pics.

It’s ‘Mo time!

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