How to Get Out of the Rat Race

148771988You’ve probably heard about the rat race before. If not, it’s basically a term unhappy employees use to describe the dreaded 9-to-5 job. And just from the term itself, you can probably understand why.

There are plenty of people who enjoy their day-to-day job. They feel fulfilled from it and are passionate about what they do. But then, there are those people who see it as just a job. It’s basically a paycheck and just a way to make a living until retirement. Or in other words, it’s a rat race.

Are you part of the rat race?

Some people are part of the rat race and don’t even realize it.

If you are, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans grudgingly work the 9-to-5. While many want to make the switch to entrepreneurship, the journey there is definitely scary. Even if they hate staring at the walls of their cubicles, the stability of a paycheck every two weeks is hard to beat. After all, pursuing your dreams may make you happier but it might not make you money.

How do you escape the rat race?

There really is no magic answer to this question. After all, everyone’s situation is different. However, the one thing everyone must get over is fear.

Fear is really the one common theme everyone has when it comes to pursuing their dreams. Will I succeed? What if I fail? What will other people think of me? Fear, not finances, is the one biggest obstacle people have to overcome when deciding whether or not to make that leap. And the longer you wait, the more fearful you will become. It’s a risk but one that you have to take.

To help mitigate your risk, the best thing you can do for yourself is plan ahead. Those who spontaneously decide to take the leap are probably going to have a low rate of success. Before you decide to leave the race, do the following:

  • Start a side business while you are working at your “day job. (Great tips here and here.)
  • Save as much money as possible.
  • Build your network.
  • Quit…but only when you are ready!

The rat race can be demoralizing. And once you’re in it, it can be hard to get out. But keep in mind that you’re only stuck if you let yourself to be. It’s a challenge to get out but definitely one that is worth it.

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