How Some Companies are Rethinking Employee Productivity


For any company, employee productivity is a crucial metric in understanding how efficiently your company is operating. But how exactly do you measure it? Understanding employee productivity isn’t just adding up how many hours are spent in the office. There’s a common misconception that the most productive employees are the ones that spend the most time at their desk. But that’s an outdated notion. In the past, companies were most focused on how an employee could help them. And while it’s important to understand output, you also have to think about it from another angle. How can you help your employees be more productive? Many companies are beginning to experiment with new ways to strengthen their teams. And most of them aren’t conventional.

Open office layout

When you think about cubicles, the first thing that might come to mind is a small little confined space where employees spend a lot of time (possibly being unhappy). While there are some benefits of a traditional closed office layout, more and more companies are doing away with it. Instead, they’re opting for an open office layout. This help promotes communication amongst employees and drives teamwork. It also makes everyone much more approachable, from the employee lowest on the totem pole up to the CEO.

Unlimited vacation.

Unlimited vacation may sound like a dream but for many employees, it’s a reality. Many companies believe that if you treat employees well, they’ll produce more results. Good employees should be rewarded, starting with unlimited vacation. Companies who have adopted this practice have seen that employees don’t actually take more vacation. But the appreciation of having that option is tangible in their work.

Flexible hours.

The common 9-to-5 workday is becoming a thing of the past. Some people work better in the morning and some work better in the afternoon. So why put a timeline on how many hours your employees have to be sitting at their desk? What matters is the work their producing, not whether they’re at their desk by 9AM.


The option of telecommuting is becoming more and more popular. With technology, it’s literally possible to work from anywhere at anytime. While it’s still important to meet face to face, it’s not always necessary to be physically in the office. Giving your employees the option to telecommute saves them time and it also saves you money.

360 review process.

One common way to analyze employee productivity is through the annual review process. But many companies do it wrong. While it’s important to understand what a manager thinks of his/her direct reports, it’s crucial to also get a 360 review. Understanding what an employee’s colleagues and peers think can really help you gage the impact they’re making.

The workforce is always evolving and that’s why it’s important for any employer or small business owner to constantly redefine their own practices. What worked a couple years ago isn’t necessarily going to work today. Innovation is always key, even when it comes to employee productivity.



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