August 30 Day Challenge: Daily Mass and Walks

30 day challenge

Last month, I blogged about my intention to start 30-day challenges.  In July, my challenge was to blog every day for 30 days.

This month, I tried something a bit different: Daily Catholic Mass and daily walks.

Now, the notion of attending daily mass may not seem appropriate for a blog geared toward small business owners and entrepreneurs — but, for me, it was absolutely vital to my daily work.  Daily mass was a time during which I could reflect and get in a good state of mind for the day ahead. It became my morning ritual, which has become absolutely necessary for my daily routine. With a busy travel schedule, attending daily mass also became a challenge. In August alone, I’ve attended mass in Door County, Wisconsin; Washington, DC; Charleston, SC; and three different cities in Illinois.

Will I continue daily mass in September? Probably not — but only because the churches in our new hometown of Charleston (we just moved to James Island, SC) offer mass only three or four times per week.  But I’ll attend weekday mass as often as I can.

In terms of the daily walks, these also have become a vital part of my daily morning ritual. In August, one of our dogs (our 12-year old beloved pug, Reagan, passed away). So my daily walks with our other dog, George, became a great way for me to help him “cope” with the loss of his brother. Daily walks have also been a great time to reflect, spend some quiet time (without cell phone or Internet) focusing on my day, and working up a little sweat in the hot summer weather.

What’s on tap for the month ahead? Here goes:

  • Well, I’ve decided to take the 30-day blogging challenge again. We did our cross-country move (from Illinois to South Carolina) during the past week so, as you can tell, my blogging during the past two weeks has been less than consistent. I want to get that daily consistency back in September.
  • I’ve also decided to follow Matt Cutts’ example, and record one-second of video every day for the next 30 days. Matt based his one-second-per-day video challenge on Cesar Kuriyama’s TED talk about he records one second of video every day.
  • For a third challenge during the next month, I’m going to run every day. As you may recall from this post, I tore my calf muscle in late June and rested for two months. I began running (sparingly) this week, and I want to use the next month to whip myself back into shape and rehab my leg. As such, I’m going to run every day. Of course, I’ll let my body (and recovering injury) guide me. Some days may be short runs, based on how I feel.

Have you tried the 30-day challenge? Any cool ideas on what I (and my readers) can try for the next 30 days? Please let us know in the comments!

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