5 Tips to Starting Your Day the Right Way


Whether you work from home or work in an office, getting started on the right foot can be a challenge. Your morning may seem stressful from the moment you wake up – getting ready, helping the kids prepare for school, commuting to work. It takes a lot just to get out the door, which is why we dread mornings so much sometimes.

While getting out of bed will always be a little tough, mornings don’t have to be dreadful. Here are 5 things you can do to start your day the right way:

Eat a healthy breakfast and exercise.

Due to the mad dash to get out the door, we tend to forget about doing the two things that will do us the most good — eat and exercise. While we try to convince ourselves that a cup of coffee equates to a healthy breakfast, we can’t ignore the fact that our body and mind just function better when we start of the day with a good meal (I prefer a breakfast high in protein). The same goes for exercise. A simple workout can actually give you more energy for the day. Plus, get it over with in the morning before you push it off altogether.

Focus on your family.

It’s hard to prioritize time for the family during the day. Before all the craziness starts, carve out some time for your family in the morning. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 30 minutes, you’ll value the moments you get to spend with your kids or your significant other. It’s also a lot easier to enjoy those moments in the mornings, when you’re not stressing out about something…yet.

Check your email.

It’s hard to find a good balance – sometimes you check your email too often and sometimes you zone out completely. While you don’t want to be a slave to your email, it’s a good idea to quickly scan it in the morning. You never know – maybe your 9 o’clock got canceled and you got a few extra minutes back. You want to be on top of your schedule before you walk out the door.

Create your to-do list.

If you want to guarantee that you’re going to have a productive day, make sure you plan out your day. If you haven’t already, create your to-do list. It will keep your organized and help you keep your day flowing smoothly.

Think of something you’re looking forward to.

Before you start your day, think about something positive. Think about something you’re looking forward to that day. It can even been something really simple, like dinner with your family or watching your favorite TV show. A positive outlook will create a solid foundation for a productive day.

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