5 Tips to Fight Back Against the Post-Summer Blues


It’s September! That means that summer is officially over, fall is here, and yes, we’re heading back to work.

Remember those days when you were young and dreaded going back-to-school? Just because you’re an adult now doesn’t make it any easier. You probably have a case of the back-to-work blues after enjoying a summer of Fridays off and vacation. Getting back into the swing of things after an extended break can really be difficult, both for your body and mind. Here are 5 tips to fight the back-to-work blues and ease back in:

1) Take it one day at a time.

First things first: take it easy. After coming back from a vacation or an extended break, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that has piled up. While you may want to jump right in, take it one day at a time. Organize first and then prioritize. Once you do those two things, everything else will run much smoother.

2) Tackle your email first.

When you’re ready to dive in, the first thing you should tackle is your email. When you’re away from more than a week, your inbox has a tendency to get out of control. First, skim through them all and immediately delete the ones you no longer need. Then, reply to those that you can answer quickly. Next, flag that emails that you need to follow up on and tackle them one at a time.

3) Create a longer term to-do list.

While you should make yourself a to-do list, you should also create a version with longer-term goals. Since you’re heading into a new quarter that happens to be the dreaded 4th quarter for many, you’ll probably be faced with sizable business goals. Create actions steps for yourself and determine what you need to do to make those goals achievable.

4) Adjust your workout and sleep schedule.

Undoubtedly, the hardest part about going back to work is getting back to the 9-to-5 schedule. If you’re coming back from a vacation, your sleep and workout schedule is probably all messed up. You’re not going to get back into overnight but give yourself a week or two and slowly adjust back to your routine.

5) Plan your next vacation.

The one thing people look forward to when coming back from a vacation is planning their next one. Having something to look forward to can help increase overall happiness and productivity. So get started – whether it’s a couple months from now or a year from now, start planning your next dream getaway.

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