5 Tips for Finding Motivation to Tackle Unpleasant or Difficult Projects


Staying motivated to tackle projects you enjoy is easy. But getting the motivation to accomplish more mundane or less enjoyable projects can be tough.

How can you find the motivation to do these less enjoyable tasks? If your mind is willing, as they say, the body will follow. Here are 5 tips to help finds that motivation:

1) Picture the end goal

The easiest way to get motivated is to picture your end goal. What are you working towards? While you’re in the moment, it’s hard to really think about the results and success you’ll see at the end but there really is a bigger picture. For instance, this new year, many people want to live healthier lifestyles. Getting yourself to the gym is probably the hardest part, which is why you must focus on how much better your body will feel in the end.

2) Find a partner

Having the support of someone else can make even the most boring task a lot easier. If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, try to find a partner. You’ll be able to motivate each other and make sure that you both are on track to reach your goals.

3) Announce it publicly

Have you ever felt like you needed to do something just because you’ve already announced to the world you were going to do it? Failure is tough but failing publicly is even worse, which can provide additional motivation to get the job done. While this can backfire in certain situations, it can work in others. If you know that you want to do something, tell people about it. It’ll be extra motivation to make sure you complete it.

4) Find a role model

Motivation is easy to find when you have someone to look up to. Your role model doesn’t have to be directly related to your task at hand but it should be someone you admir. Seeing the success of others can provide an extra push you need in the right direction.

5) Don’t give up, even if you fail

Sometimes, being unmotivated or lazy can be masking the real problem — fear of failure. Often, we don’t even start something because we don’t think we’ll be able to finish. But how do you know the outcome without even trying? Don’t give up on something just because you don’t think you’ll succeed. Even if you fail, you’ll at least know you tried.

Motivation is a very tricky thing but it’s something over which you you have total control. The next time you need a little push to get yourself off the ground, think about all that you have to gain from completing it. The finish line is the goal and you’ll be one step closer to it.

You just have to find the motivation to get yourself there.

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