1. Hi Curt,is it better to focus all your energy on one blog or to fan out to other ones. I have my film blog, but I want to write about sports, restaurant reviews, etc. The main thing for me is to blog in order to get work, like a blogger or other type of job, so getting people’s attention. Anyway, would you just focus on the film blog or start a few others also. Not to mention, I am a political junky!

  2. Hi Geoffrey. It’s absolutely better to stay focused. For example, this blog focuses on topics of interest to entrepreneurs and small business folks. We only deal with three areas: Productivity, Entrepreneurship and Tech. And those three issues areas all get intertwined in each of our posts.

    But one of my companies, http://www.EngageGravina.com, has its own blog in which we focus on very specific content.

    Love to blog about sports? Start a sports blog.

    Once the blog is up and running, it won’t take you any more time to post among separate blogs with separate topics than it would to post on a catch-all blog.

  3. Hi Curt, Thanks for the great article! I am in the first stages of internet marketing for Tadan Construction. I came on board two months ago, and the owner is absolutely thrilled that we are developing a web presence and is 100% supportive. Here is my question to you…..

    Our webpage is up, but I do not have a Facebook page for the company yet. How do you suggest our company connect with people on Facebook?


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