5 Simple Resolutions to Make You More Productive in the Coming Year


I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “Time is money”. We’re always rushing to get things done so that we can theoretically be more productive and make more money. The funny thing, though, is that we waste a lot of time and we don’t even know it. There are so many little things we do that aren’t very efficient. They add up to a lot of wasted time.

With the New Year starting in just a few weeks, here are some simple “resolutions” for you to help you stop wasting time and start being more productive:

1) Make a to-do list and stick to it.

Not knowing what you need to get done can be a huge time suck. If you’re just sitting around thinking about what you need to do instead of actually do it, then you’re not being very efficient. Stop wasting time by planning ahead. Make a to-do list for yourself so that once you’re finish checking one thing off your list, you can move on to the next. It’s almost important to remember to stick to it. A to-do list won’t be you any good if you don’t use it.

2) Stop checking your emails constantly.

Checking emails constantly is a hard habit to break. In a world where everyone is so connected, you’re always thinking about whether or not something urgent just landed in your inbox. How many times do you check your email every hour? And then how many emails do you typically get in an hour? If you’re not reading at least 5 or so emails every time you check it, then you can probably check it less. Pulling out your phone and loading up your emails only to find nothing takes time too and it adds up. Not to mention that it’s wasted data.

3) Resist hitting the snooze button.

Getting up when you hear your alarm can be so difficult, especially on cold winter mornings when all you want to do it stay in bed. You may be tempted to hit that snooze button just to get an extra 10 minutes. It’s really not a good idea though. After you’ve already waken yourself up, an extra 10 minutes really won’t make a difference. You’re really just wasting that time.

4) Get enough sleep.

Instead of hitting the snooze button, you should really try to get more sleep. Sounds a little strange – sleep more and waste less time? If you think about, the more awake and energize you are, the more productive you’ll be. Your brain just functions better when you’re well rested. You’ll also be less tempted to take naps, which can suck hours out of your day.

5) Create a routine.

One of the easiest ways to stop wasting time is to create a routine, especially in the mornings and evenings. Allotting a certain amount of time for things like getting ready or making dinner will help you keep yourself on track. It might sound like overkill to schedule every single little thing but it works and it’ll also help you free up some more time to spend on things you actually like doing.

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