5 Negative Thoughts That May Be Killing Your Productivity


Sometimes, the most important factor to your productivity is your mindset. How you motivate yourself is all in your head. Some people choose to think positively and some, well, don’t.

To get on the right track, you have to start a habit of thinking good thoughts. It sounds silly but it truly works. To start, get rid of the negative. Here are 5 common thoughts that are absolutely killing your productivity

I’m Too Tired

When you’re running on only a few hours sleep and lots of coffee, your body starts to tell you to stop everything and get rest. But then you let that become a cycle and everyday, you tell yourself that you’re too tired to do anything else. Lack of sleep can also raise your body’s cortisol levels – which can lead to increased stress. This isn’t a reason, it’s an excuse. The good news is that you can easily fix it. If you find yourself too tired to do anything, change your schedule. Find more time for sleep and 3 healthy meals. Don’t forget to exercise, it does your mind and body good.  

Now Isn’t The Right Time

Often times, we avoid doing something we want to do because we think it isn’t the right time. But the reality is that we’re actually scared to do it. We’re letting fear speak for us. Truthfully, there never really is the right time. You just have to make the time.

I Don’t Know How

There’s no shame in admitting you don’t know how to do something. No one knows everything. But there is shame in using it as an excuse. If you don’t know how to do something but want to, ask for help. You’re never going to learn unless you find out how. Even if learn and you find out you’re not very good at it, you at least tried.

I’m Too Scared

Sometimes we let our fears get the best of us. Insecurities can be hard to push aside. But don’t let fear win. We’re all scared of something, some more than others. But we all have to face that fear head on to be able to move forward. The only thing worse than fear is regret. Don’t regret that you didn’t try.

There’s Too Much On My Plate

Life can get really hectic sometimes. You want to do more but there just isn’t enough hours in the day. However, if you feel passionate about something, you have to make it a priority. Learn to schedule your day so that you’re spending time on the most important things. Everything else can wait.

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