4 Reasons Why We Should Embrace Telecommuting


Whether you like it or not, telecommuting is becoming more and more popular, no matter what industry you work in. In almost any company you come across, there are employees who telecommute full time or a couple days a week. Having a virtual workforce has it’s obvious pros and cons. On one hand, you don’t get that daily face-to-face interaction that can be crucial in team building. However, on the other hand, telecommuting can save you and your employees a lot of time and lower costs as well. As we become more and more reliant on technology, we will see more employers embrace it. Here’s why you should too:

Time saver

For an average employee, commuting can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half each way. That’s up to three hours of your time wasted. Imagine what you could do if you had three extra hours every single day? Telecommuting might not be for everyone but there’s no denying that it definitely saves time. Instead of being stuck in a car or on a train (which can be miserable during rush hour), you can send those extra hours working or with your family.

Cost efficiency

Telecommuting is also cost efficient, for both employers and employees. If you are an employee, you are a saving a significant amount on travel costs, such as gas or transportation passes. You might also be able to save on other miscellaneous costs, such as child care or car maintenance. If you’re an employer, there is one big potential cost efficiency: space. You either won’t need a physical space altogether or you only require a smaller one. With all the technology that’s available today, the costs to teleconference or work remotely are minimal.

Increased productivity (if you have the right people)

One of the biggest misconceptions about telecommuting is that it reduces productivity. Many people think that employees end up sitting at home, doing anything but working. That can be true but not if you build the right team. Some people thrive working alone and are more productive that way. If you hire the right people, you can build a very effective remote team.

Increased flexibility

Companies don’t often recognize this but one of the most significant benefits to telecommuting is flexibility. The traditional 9-to-5 job is becoming less and less common. Since people are now able to virtually work from anywhere, they also want to have the flexibility to do so when they want to. Telecommuting can be beneficial to work/life balance and overall employee satisfaction.

Are you for or against telecommuting? What have been your experiences with working virtually?

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