4 Memory-Improvement Hacks for Entrepreneurs

memory improvement hacks

Do you think you have bad memory? At one point or another, we all do. Chances are you’ve forgotten a thing or two, say a birthday or a meeting, that you should’ve remembered. Sometimes, it hardly makes a difference whether you remembered or not. But other times, forgetting something crucial can cause huge ramifications for you and others as well.

Forgetting important events, facts, or milestones can really hinder your overall progress and productivity. For instance, imagine you forgot to submit your project by the deadline, which caused you to be fired from the job altogether and more work put on your colleagues. Even remembering the little things, such as someone’s name, can make a huge difference.

So how does one go about improving their memory? Sure, there are probably scientifically proven ways to do so. But we won’t get into that here. If you want to start improving your memory right now with methods you can easily do, here’s how:

1) Get enough sleep.

We all know getting enough sleep does your body good but it also does wonders for your mind. Many studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can be the equivalent of being intoxicated. Your brain does not function the same or properly when you haven’t gotten a good night’s rest. Be sure to get 7 to 8 hours a night to make sure you’re on your toes the next day. And no, a cup of coffee is not the same as a good night’s rest.

2) Write it down.

While you may count on your brain to remember any and everything, there’s only so much it can handle before it becomes too much. Details can be especially easy to forget. Make things simple on yourself and write it down. All smartphones also come with a reminder feature so that you can set important dates and never forget it.

3) Play some games.

Yes, you read that right – play games. Games that involve problem solving can help sharpen up your thinking skills. Games like sudoku and crosswords puzzles may seem like mindless fun but you’re actually doing brain exercises as well. This helps keep your mind sharp.

4) Use a mnemonic device.

If you’re not familiar, a mnemonic device is any kind of technique that helps you remember something. A mnemonic device can be anything, from an acronym to a catchphrase. Remember in grade school when your teacher taught you the phrase “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally?”, which helped you remember the order of operations in math. Yep, that’s an example of an mnemonic device.

These easy tips can help you remember a little better and hopefully, help your day go smoother.

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