3 Ways to Prevent Your ‘Stuff’ from Impeding Your Productivity


Stuff  … we all have it, some more than others. We accumulate a lot of things throughout our lives, from clothes to furniture to random knick knacks sitting in our kitchen drawers. While they’ve all served some purpose at some point in our lives, the chances are that the majority of the stuff we own is now useless to us. Think about it: How much of your stuff do you actually use on a regular basis? Daily? Monthly? Yearly?

It is in our nature to hold on to things in case we need them again. But when does having stuff do you more harm than good? Having too much stuff can actually hinder your productivity. It rears its ugly head in the form of clutter. Have you ever misplaced your keys and then spent a good 10 minutes trying to find them before realizing it was under a pile of crap? Or maybe you were looking for an important document that was tucked away in your thousands of files? Clutter can always find a way to slow you down. Even if it’s just 5 minutes looking for this and 3 minutes looking for that, it all adds up.

So how do you get rid of clutter and increase your productivity? Here are a few easy ways:

1) Get Organized

Get your act together and clean up. Throw stuff away that you haven’t used in the past month. Figure out what what you need and find a place for it. The key part is creating a system thats works for you so that you will be able to maintain it.

This also goes for your computer – I’m guilty of having dozens of random files sitting on my desktop. Create folders and file everything away.

2) Stop Buying So Much Stuff

As consumers, impulse buying is one of the hardest things to stop yourself from doing. And retailers get that. They love to put little gadgets and knick knacks near checkout so that you feel compelled to just pick it up and buy it. And sadly, many of us fall for it. Next time you have that urge, figure out if you really need it or want it. If you can picture it sitting in your drawer most of the time, stop yourself from getting it.

3) Live Minimally

This may be a tough one because we’re all just so use to having stuff. Even in society, people define each other by what they have – the car you drive, the shoes you wear, or the house you live in. But at the end of the day, most of us can live with a lot less than what we have. Don’t let the clutter define you.

Just the presence of clutter can definitely hinder your productivity. So clean up and free up some space. Your sanity will thank you for it.

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