1. As a one-woman business owner, this is an area that I do struggle with. There are just not enough hours in the day to manage every aspect of my business. When my website provider no longer provided hosting, I was without a website for months just because of the time involved in building one from scratch. When I did purchase a domain, it took me a few more months to actually publish content. And, I still have a lot of work to do in completing it & seo optimization. Hiring someone crossed my mind, but I only knew of companies with exhorbant fees. Hiring a fellow enterpreneur is something that I never had thought about before. And, I will definitely explore that avenue. Thank you for the well-written article!
    ~ Michele.

  2. Thanks, Michele! I’ve referred several fellow business owners to Odesk and they have had great experiences.

    You have to be specific and diligent in looking for talent on the site — but once you master it and find some key folks, it’s a breeze.

    For example, I’ve had to test out several writers for a few projects until I found the ones I liked. But the fees weren’t exorbitant so it was worth the small expense to find the best writer.

    Also, all the workers on the sites are rated by other people who have used them, so you can review for number of hours worked, level of happiness with their work, etc.

    Thanks for reading — please come back!

  3. Awesome post! Thanks a lot for referring oDesk and elance. Yes it’s a great place where employers can find excellent employees and employees can find excellent employers. You are one of the best client on oDesk and I am so lucky as I have worked for you. I hope we will do some more business in near future.

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